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Are you or a loved one struggling with alcohol abuse and or drug abuse? Are you tired of living the viscous cycle of addiction? Is addiction and alcohol abuse killing you or a loved one? The Recovery Ninjas will help you find the proper care, help and support you deserve. We offer not only Hospitalization Detox, Residential Inpatient Treatment Program, Intensive Outpatient Programs commonly know as IPO but we also provide Recovery Coaching for those struggling with alcoholism and addiction nationwide. If you or a loved ones feels they need extra support in or outside of treatment, Recovery Coaching is a solution to set a Recovery Plan of Action in staying sober, relapse prevention and living sober in recovery. Recovery Coaching can be 24 hours a day with live in care, leveled down to one hour calls or meeting a day. Recovery Coaching provides clients with a common goal and solution in mind. Long Term Sobriety. Recovery Coaches set the foundation and structured schedule for one getting sober. Recovery Coaches get individuals plugged into to 12 Step Support Groups, Doctors Visits, Healthy Activities and Getting Connected With A Fellowship in their area. Contact us for Nationwide Listings and Resources for Recovery Coaches near you. Call Today! Our Ninjas are here to help. 

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