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Our expert nationwide addiction help specialist and resources is designed to help and support anyone suffering from alcohol abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse and substance  abuse addicition. You or a loved one can get the help you deserve now! We are your one stop resource for receiving all the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Programs and any Addiction treatment services. Providing you with Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment Programs for solutions through customized placement. Nationwide Addiction Resource Services and Support are provided with no cost to you. Addiction Inpatient, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Medical Detox, Interventions, Sober Transportation, Addiction Aftercare, Family Support, Recovery Coaching, Relapse Prevention and Sober Living Nationwide. Our Alcoholism and Addiction Support Resources provide you with the top quality care and support needed to beat addiction with long term sobriety. You will Recover! Call today to save a life!

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Are you or a loved one struggling with alcohol abuse and or drug abuse and need help finding proper addiction treatment services specific to you? Do you at times feel hopeless about you or your loved ones alcoholism and or addiction? Is the addiction consuming your life?  Our nationwide addiction resource services are located specifically to help you with any alcoholism and addiction support resources you may need. Looking for an Interventionist to do an Intervention, Detox, Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center, Residential Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment Center, Dual Dignosis Treatment Center, Intensive Outpatient Treatment for addiction, Sober Transport, Case Management, Recovery Coaching or Companions, Sober Living Homes, Counseling, Family Support or Counseling, or 12 Step Meeting Programs? We will provide nationwide resources for addiction treatment recovery services 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Let The Recovery Ninjas provide he help and care you or a loved one deserves to get well. Our business is saving lives. Call Today For Help! Nationwide Addiction Help

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Let The Recovery Ninjas Nationwide Addiction Help Specialist provide you or a loved one with help finding addiction treatment services and programs for alcohol abuse and or drug abuse specific to your needs. We Provide nationwide addiction resource services treating anyone suffering from alcoholism and substance abus. Residential treatment Centers, Intensive Outpatient Programs, Interventions, Recovery Coaching and Sober Transportation providers are here to help. We will offer any one suffering from alcoholism and or addiction Nationwide Resources 24 hours a day 7 days a week. All it takes is one phone call that could save a life today. We will provide the help, support and proper recovery programs it takes to treat alcohol and substance abuse. The Recovery Ninjas will  give you the help to save a life. Call Today We Can Help.

Interventions For Alcohol And Substance Abuse

The Importance of a Professional Substance Abuse Intervention

The Importance of a Professional Substance and Alcohol Abuse Intervention

How many times we’ve seen, friends and family members of someone abusing a drug or multiple drugs and try to stage an intervention without professional advice or assistance. Although these are good starting points and intentions, these attempts typically wind up doing more harm, sometimes even leading to violent actions and even leading to the potential client running away.  If you feel you, your friend or family member might benefit from an substance abuse intervention, you should always turn to professionals for interventions to help with assistance. Through our nationwide addiction help and nationwide addiction resource services we can provide the professional tools and skills to avoid any problem. The statics of actually using a professional interventionist is a astoundingly higher chance of getting the desires you want and the help given to the one who has a problem with substance abuse.  

The Danger of Quitting Cold Turkey

Individuals who are abusing a drug and or multiple drugs often think they can quit whenever they want but the reality is many die from doing so or have serious conditions pending because of the medical help not helping with assistance. If you or your loved one is a drug addict or alcoholic who believes they have the willpower and determination to stop drinking or using drugs on their own, they can still face the risk of dangerous side effects. If they do not agree to enter a professional medical detox facility or any addiction treatment services the withdrawal symptoms can result and will result with delusions, seizures, anti-social behaviors and even death. A professional intervention is a positive action in preventing the alcoholic and or drug addict to inflict more harm to themselves and a chance for them to run away.  This should be something that is indeed considered for the first step and right step forward in getting you or the loved one the help they need. Again allowing an alcoholic or a drug addicted person to quit using or drinking on their own is a very serious even deadly matter that should be assisted by professional help. 

It’s Everyone’s Business

Another common belief among alcoholics is that they are only hurting themselves, or that it is no one else’s business how much or how often they drink. This is, however, a completely false assumption. As the loved one of an alcoholic, you know how much of an emotional toll someone’s unhealthy drinking habits can take on everyone around them. Additionally, alcoholics have alarmingly high rates of drunk driving, assault, rape, child abuse, murder, and suicide. Even cutting yourself off personally from an alcoholic may not shield you from the impact of their behavior as it ripples through the larger community. Helping them is a way of protecting everyone from the potentially disastrous consequences of their drinking.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Alcoholics tend to fall into two broad categories that are very different from one another: binge drinkers and everyday drinkers. Each of these types has very serious problems with alcohol which manifest quite differently, and each type also faces their own set of unique challenges to recovery and tends to require a very different intervention technique.

Binge Drinkers

Binge drinkers usually don’t drink every day and can frequently go for long periods without even touching alcohol. But when they do start drinking, they lose any semblance of self-control and can act like a completely different person while under the influence of alcohol. They may drink until they pass out, drive while drunk, get into fights, or be verbally abusive to loved ones or friends. Binge drinkers are rarely on the receiving end of an intervention from family or friends because of the infrequency of their binges and the fact that their personality, at least while sober, is usually amiable enough that no one can even think to accuse them of having a drinking problem. If confronted about their habits, they will likely promise to quit or slow down their drinking after a binge, and often do, only to go on another even more destructive binge in the future. Because of this, binge drinkers can actually be the most destructive type of alcoholic, both to themselves and those around them.The binge drinker’s ability to “quit” drinking for extended periods of time can also make them very resistant to seeking treatment for their problem, particularly if some time has passed since their last binge. Friends and family members seeking to stage an intervention for such an individual are usually more successful if they confront the binge drinker immediately after one of their binge drinking episodes.

Everyday Drinkers

The everyday drinker, unlike the binge drinker, can rarely go without alcohol even for a short period of time. Although they may begin by simply having “a few drinks” every night after work, the everyday drinker will scale up to increasingly larger amounts of alcohol more frequently throughout the day. As their daily consumption increases, their bodies become physically dependent upon alcohol, and they will eventually develop “the shakes,” a slang term for the clinical condition known as delirium tremens, if they go without alcohol for even a short period. In addition to delirium tremens, they can also experience seizures or even death if they stop consuming alcohol entirely for any length of time.

The nature of this physical dependence on alcohol, as well as the seriousness of potential withdrawal symptoms, makes a professional, medically supervised solution particularly critical for the daily drinker. Therefore, it is especially important that the intervention for an everyday drinker is performed with the advice and participation of a professional. Even the time of day can be crucial for a successful alcohol intervention with an everyday drinker. If you approach them before their first drink of the day, you risk being drowned out by the agony of their withdrawal symptoms; if you approach them later in the day, they may be too inebriated to be understand what is at stake.

Interventions provide families a solution getting a loved one into addiction treatment centers.

Interventions provide families a solution getting a loved one into addiction treatment centers.

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Levels Of Addiction Treatment Services

Residential addiction treatment centers offer 24/7 care and programs for alcoholism and drug abuse.

Residential Inpatient Treatment Centers For Alcoholism and Addiction Treatment Centers

Are you or a loved one considering Addiction Treatment Services like Residential Inpatient Treatment for alcohol abuse and or substance abuse?  The Recovery Ninjas do not work with a specific center, but we do offer nationwide addiction help through our nationwide addiction resource services best catered to each individuals. We take the time off your hands and provide professional help to find the  best residential treatment program, best suited for you or a loved one based upon medical history, age, location, gender specific if asked, insurance or no insurance and financials. Based upon the information gathered we locate the Residential Inpatient Addiction Treatment Center that best suits each individual looking for help with alcohol and or substance abuse. We will find a detox within or outside of an addiction treatment center for any one suffering from alcoholism and or drug abuse if needed. It is highly recommended to continue treatment care after detoxing for stabilization, medically, mentally and behavioraly. This allows individuals a higher success rate for long term to permanet sobriety. Addictional addiction recovery services include; interventions for alcohol and drug abuse, interventionist, residential addiction treatment center locator, finding intensive outpatient treatment program, sober transportation or escort service, sober companions, recovery coaches and coaching and find support groups in your area.

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Intensive Outpatient Programs provide addiction treatment programs for alcohol and substance abuse

Intensive Out Patient Services for Alcoholism and Addiction Treatment Centers

Our nationwide addiction resource services can find and locate Intensive Outpatient Programs for alcohol and substance abuse, provide professional addiction treatment services, programs, groups and continually care for individuals needing help with addiction. IOP addiction treatment programs can range from 2-6 months long with care that starts with intensive care for individuals suffering from alcohol abuse and substance abuse, stepping down to lower levels of addiction treatment care. Call now for professional, nationwide addiction help no matter where you live. We are here to help you and your family by providing solutions to get the loved one the help they need. Interventions are available upon request from interventionist or alcoholism and drug addiction. Call today to get the help you need. 

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